Outstream ads format

  • 1
    Ad unit appears plays and disappears not occupying space on the site anymore.
    Video commercial loads in a standard display ad unit dynamically between paragraphs of the website content while a user scrolls through the page, playing the video when the ad unit is in view. It looks excellent with any design solution thanks to special HTML tools.
  • 2
    The ad unit does not require a specific position on the website layout.
    Video ad unit appears, plays content and collapses, not taking place on the website.
  • 3
    Outsteam format is the most suitable and perfect ad unit for mobile visitors.
    Deliver higher CPMs by contrast with other ad formats.

Improve user experience

  • 1
    Increase average session duration.
    Website visitors spend more time because of exciting and relevant video ads serving by an attractive new way.
  • 2
    Only relevant viewers will be exposed to advertising.
    Nowadays website visitors, primarily mobile users have also grown accustomed to content that has been meticulously tailored to their discernment, and they expect advertising to be relevant and personalized. We take care of these expectations and suggest video commercial only for those who are interested in it.
  • 3
    Opportunity to close the ad unit.
    For better engage with the audience we give the opportunity to choose whether they want to keep watching advertisements or close the video ad unit.

Easy to embed on any website

Universal Ad snippet for any layout: desktop, mobile or tablet. With simple tweaks works even on responsive layouts.

Ad creatives which visitors like

  • 1
    High-quality video advertisement in a new format that impresses visitors.
  • 2
    Video Ads for a relevant audience with additional attention to mobile visitors.
    Mobile users have also turned accustomed to content that has been tailored to their tastes and expectation, and they expect advertising to be no less relevant and personalized.
  • 3
    Increase engagement.
  • 4
    Cross-device compatibility (100% viewability on every device).
  • 5
    Ads made with true inspiration.